Mission Design

You have a great idea about a space project and don’t know where to start? We can help you design your mission from scratch!


LSF can help you design and perform a complete testing campaign for your space project. Together with our network of collaborators we offer complete Vibrational, Thermal-Vacuum and Electromagnetic testing solutions.

Complete mission delivery

Do you have an idea for a space mission? We can help you design, develop, build and deliver it! Experienced LSF engineers and management team would be delighted to make sure your idea makes it to space! From a simple 1U cubesat to complete satellite constellations, we can ensure success of your project from the design board to post launch operations.

Ground Station services

Utilizing our extensive ground station network we can provide global coverage for your Command&Control and Telemetry acquisition needs. Our ground stations operate on VHF, UHF and S-band.


Are you stuck in your mission design or construction? Have a specific project you need help with? Our team can help you achieve excellency in any space project you are working on.