SIDLOC (Spacecraft Identification and Localization) is a project funded by the European Space Agency, an ARTES activity developed by Libre Space Foundation and FORTH.

SIDLOC is under active development, and its goal is to create a proposed standard of identification and localization for satellites and spacecraft. It will be doing so via a radio-transmitted schema paired with open-source software and hardware implementation of the SIDLOC standard.

SIDLOC is a multi-faceted project expanding to include different technologies to provide solutions for significant issues. These issues regarding the situation in space, the difficulties and vulnerabilities existing, were identified during an extensive survey that Libre Space Foundation has conducted. Thus, SIDLOC is being developed to provide properly designed next-generation identification systems and help develop ways these difficulties and vulnerabilities can be dealt with efficiently.

In this phase, the project is explored and elaborated, and if you want to find out more about it, check out the open-source repositories.

You can join the dedicated SIDLOC Element/Matrix Channel here.