The Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2021: An Overview

The Open Source CubeSat Workshop is an annual event organised by Libre Space Foundation. It focuses on Open Source, space-related technology, projects, and ideas. Every year the Workshop brings together open source enthusiasts from the fields of space technology, engineering, CubeSats, mission control and analysis. The event has been running for 5 years, and it has been gaining continuous success by building rapport among Space and Open Source Technology supporters.

For the second year in a row, the event was decided to take place online; in an attempt to maintain stability, create a sense of connectivity and prioritise safety. Although we all miss the impromptu encounters of attending an event physically, a free online event offers great accessibility to people who can not afford the trip or get blocked by administrative or logistics issues. This way, more people could actually attend the Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2021- a workshop promoting Open Source philosophy for CubeSats and Space Exploration. An event that enables people to meet online, exchange ideas, join forces on open source projects, and benefit from the community. Even when at home on different meridians of the planet.

A global, two-day Event for Open Source and CubeSats

On the 9th and 10th of December, the Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2021 kicked off online! Streaming live on the Libre Space Foundation YouTube Channel and on the dedicated Big Blue Button conference room. The event brought together people from different continents and places, backgrounds and disciplines; creating a community benefiting from transparency, inclusivity, adaptability and collaboration. An open community you can join any time of the year, explore collaboration potentials and share your ideas.

Group picture of some of the attendees

This year’s Workshop featured 26 presentations, more than 10 lightning talks, a Keynote Speaker and dedicated workshop sessions. Here is the full playlist with all the videos from the event.

The Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2021 was an insightful, informative and inclusive event promoting knowledge and great ideas openly. Interesting discussions and Q&As took place throughout the event, enabling individuals from all over the globe, (from Costa Rica to Japan) to connect and collaborate.

Group picture of a number of attendees

Presentations and Key Take-Aways: a Closer look

Every year, the Open Source CubeSat Workshop is a great opportunity to realize the immense impact that open-source projects have on the space industry. They do so by playing an important role in enabling access to key technologies for creating and supporting space missions. Let us now take a closer look at some of the ideas and projects presented during the 2-day online event.

The OreSat Project was presented extensively throughout the Workshop. Including its system overview, mechanical architecture and electrical power system, by the OreSat team at Portland State University (Oregon, USA).


The OSCW 2021 went fully online for the second year in a row; and despite the challenges of organising and running an event fully online, we can safely say that it was indeed successful, albeit different. Missing the connectivity that a physical event would have, but thriving on the inclusivity and the accessibility that free, online events deliver. The Open Source CubeSat WorkShop 2021 was successful as it did manage to gather an online community of enthusiasts who are dedicated to Open Source, Technology and Space. It succeeded in delivering a smooth, inclusive event that overcame boundaries, a pandemic, and a number of technical difficulties. While, at the same time, enabling individuals from around the globe to unite under their shared interests. For this, we would like to thank everyone! The attendees for forming a friendly community of great diversity and knowledge. The speakers and presenters for creating a welcoming environment, fostering great interactions and sharing insights. The contributors for enabling a smooth experience, and the OSCW committee for putting everything together and overseeing the event. We would also like to thank the teams behind Indico (our conference management tool), The Big Blue Button (amazingly smooth video conferencing, with multi-user whiteboarding and break sessions), and Matrix for powering the conversations for The Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2021! Thank you all for being a part of this!

Before we wrap up this year’s event overview, you are welcome to join the community, watch this year’s recordings, download this year’s presentation materials, and why not enjoy some talks and presentations from the previous years. They are a great source of knowledge, and you can shuffle through them and acquire great insight.

Until we meet again, next year (and hopefully in person), stay safe and connected!


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